Some useful tips to choose a guitar for beginners

Many people would love to play the guitar which some of them are definitely searching to equip for themselves. However, not all of us have sufficient knowledge about this music instrument to choose a suitable guitar with the reasonable prices. This is a relatively difficult for beginners as well. If you currently want to buy the best beginner guitar, please take some minutes to refer through the below valuable experience which is dedicated for first-time guitar buyers.

The type of the guitar

Before going into further details, you should know which type of guitar you are aiming at. Such information will assist you to narrow down your selection of the best beginner guitar for time-saving purpose. There are several types of the guitar which are sold with different designs and colors, but these 3 main types are widely used as Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar and Acoustic Guitar.

Whether you select what kind of guitar, it should match with your intended purpose. If you want to perform on stage, your selected guitar should be different with the one only used to satisfy the music enthusiasm of your own. As far as I know, learning to play the guitar can open the new door, bring new thoughts, remind the emotional feelings and enhance the deep understanding level for its users.

Some attentions before buying your guitar

  • Firstly, you should prepare a plan along with the list of some stores you would like to visit.
  • If you intend to buy online, please look for websites of selling guitar stores in relation to their price and quality which can be reflected via users’ comments.
  • If your friends have sufficient experience in the guitar matters, you can ask them to go with you. By arriving at the guitar store, please inquire the salesperson any of your rising concerns to obtain the useful advice or answers.


Suggestion to buy your best beginner guitar

Step 1: Inspect the guitar quality by observing:

  • Are there any cracks on the surface of wood?
  • Is there any error with the varnish or wood grade?
  • Vet engraved on the body and needs.
  • Glue attached the joints and inside the head
  • Wire holder, up line, the horse, etc.
  • Are their colors and design suitable for you?

There are several external characteristics which you should check to ensure the guitar quality.

Step 2: Get the guitar price

The key elements make up the quoted price of a best beginner guitar are its skills of the craftsmen, the brand and the material type. Nowadays, the most expensive materials are the laminate wood and the spruce or cedar solid wood. The normal guitar type is usually made of rosewood.

Many new guitar players will choose their guitar with cheap price. But they have not yet been aware that selecting a beginner guitar is a very important thing. The instrument quality will affect its ability to play music, listen to other voices along with to assess your sound. In the case you choose one cheap guitar, you can find that it is difficult to adjust, hard to play with the inaccurate sound and the capability of hurting your hand. Therefore, be alert for the too cheap guitar.

My advice here is to wait until you can afford to own a guitar with the famous brand and high quality. A high-quality guitar, even with the high price, need meet your demands of understanding as well as ensure the requirements on the safety of your hand.

You should choose some popular brands for your best beginner guitar such as Takamine guitars, Fender Guitar, Squier Guitar, Chateau Guitar, Suzuki Guitar, Guitar Yamaha, etc. These prestigious brands have the long history, so you can be assured of the guitar quality.

Step 3: Define the guitar type

When looking at the types of the guitar, you will have two main choices: Classic Guitar or Acoustic Guitar.

  • Classical Guitar existed for many years. Practically, this instrument has nylon lines, so it provides the softer and smoother tone. It is quite suitable for fingerstyle playing.
  • Adversely, Acoustic Guitar can be used for playing various types of music, such as rock, pop and folk. It is more powerful and has a louder sound than Classical Guitar.

Two above guitar types are much diversified in sound. The bass of classical guitar brings the warm and gentle tone while the acoustic guitar sound has the strong echoes. Your choice should be based on the personal preferences of your own. If you cannot be sure about your options, think about your favorite kind of music.

Step 4: Choose the matching guitar size and shape

Being a beginner, you should consider it as the part of the life as you properly spend much time with this guitar in near future. The different style and body sizes of people will fit various types of guitar:

  • We should try to play before buying. The best beginner guitar should not have any parasitic noise. By trying a more expensive guitar than the bought one, you can estimate your desired sound.
  • Always remember that your music must match the type of guitar you choose.

We do hope you will find useful tips in choosing your best beginner guitar from this article.

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