How to use Jamaican Black Castor Oil

I’ve been hearing about the benefits of using castor oil for black Jamaican ago over a year and was hesitant to use it. Despite how much I wanted to receive benefits, whenever you hear of this oil, I instantly remembered to regulate castor oil. I had used castor oil regularly in previous regimes and was not satisfied with the smell or how it felt in my hair. Try to use it in a variety of mixtures of oil as the method of facial cleansing and it was the worst experience I’ve had, resulting in terrible acne. Still, the benefits of this new very favorite “magic oil” interested me so much that I decided to buy my first bottle of JBCO a few months ago. Jamaican black castor oil hair growth is really famous

The JBCO letters are the words Jamaican Black Castor Oil is oil Jamaican black castor oil. Well, I imagine that in Spanish is ARNJ, but I doubt you’ll find those letters on the internet, so if you see letters JBCO here, know that it is the Jamaican black castor oil! But if there is a difference between the two castor oils. Regular castor oil is made from grains or seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis). So also the Jamaican black castor oil is made, but with a slight difference in processing. Castor oil is done by pressing the fresh seeds, while JBCO is first and then roasted and pressed. Roast bean this ash creates this oil gives a darker color, unlike the yellowish tint regulate castor oil. But what are the benefits?

The Jamaican black castor oil has incredible benefits for hair and skin, but I’ll just mention a few of my favorite hair. Improves scalp circulation, it promotes hair growth, thick hair, avoids breakage and traps moisture. From the first week I started using castor oil Jamaican Black, I felt a difference. This oil has risen quickly on my list of favorite products curly hair care. I thought I should share with you three ways that have been using this oil on my hair if they are still interested in using this oil to improve the health of your curls.

Massage the scalp: I’ve been trying to do this every night. Well, there are times I do not want to do anything unless you go to sleep without worrying about protecting my hair, but my goal is to make EVERY night on my scalp massages. I heat the oil, placing the bottle (closed) in a cup of hot water. (Heat oil is optional, but heating oil is refined, making the application a little easier. Once the oil is hot (not so hot that you burn), I put a little oil on my fingers and apply it to the scalp. I can do this with the creation of a party to the hair, making massage along that part with my fingers containing the oil, and separating my hair to create a new part or section and of course repeat the process. And when I have almost all the hair ready, massaging gently for about 5-10 minutes. Then I throw my hair in a style pineapple bed, and I go!

Add the oil to the Deep Conditioner: Many deep conditioners Store benefit of adding a carrier oil. Before I added Extra Virgin Olive Oil to deep conditioner, but now the JBCO is required in my regime. I can add a tablespoon of castor oil Jamaican black my deep conditioner and apply it to my freshly washed curls. I put my hair in the plastic bag (do not judge me!) To keep the heat trapped my head and therefore open the cuticles so that the strands of my hair absorb moisture. I usually leave the deep conditioner in my hair for about 30 minutes (can go longer, depending on the amount of moisture needed) and then rinse the conditioner.

Sealing the ends: This is not what I always do, but I feel that it is necessary from time to time depending on the crazy weather we’ve been getting here in New Orleans. After combing my hair, if I feel that my end or ends need a little more protection, I hope my hair, rub a little JBCO dry on the palms of my hands, and I make movements like picking my hair gently (scrunch) to release the curls of the hair volume crystallization for putting products. I have found that after starting this method of applying oil on my end that my toes are curling a little more defined, and that’s something that has never happened before. (Disclaimer:. On the use of this oil as the “O” in the method of LOC, yet still use Jojoba oil JBCO it is, in my opinion, very thick to be distributed along my hair as part of a process of caring my hair.)

Now remember, however, results may vary, but I suggest you try a bottle if you have not tried the Jamaican black castor oil! Are there any of you who have tried this curly hair oil? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite way to use this oil?

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