I tested for you … The cloth diaper!

Among many products, I chose and tested the cloth diaper hammock.

So I was super excited to receive my magic box!

When the box was received, I was thrilled by the smallness of it. Inside, a coat, a “cushion” are put in which are washable. And two disposable “inserts”.

Yeah, because Hammock, they said there were parents who wanted their baby to be fashion, but without necessarily want to be stuck with cleaning layers.

Always so perky, I wanted to put the pretty pink layer (well, I have a daughter as well enjoy it!) Must admit, it is very easy! I wanted to try the washable insert first, I’m a warrior, I’m not afraid of anything!
Obviously, after 45 minutes, the products did what it had to do in the bed. My girls, she did not pretend, she felt so comfortable with the new cloth diapers.

The good side is that there was no leakage … I dreaded it more than anything, and no, it is indeed absorbing, no worries! The bad news is that here, the changing table is in the room and the toilet in the bathroom. .

I then tried the disposable insert, which I like the least. It is hard to get will like the washable one. And you cannot return it and attach it to a small package, or throw it in the toilet … So I am less a fan, but it’s still super convenient to stay green and fashionable on holiday or weekend.

What I thought: Well, if I lived in a house with a garden, if I had the place to put a changing table in the bathroom. So, no doubt, cloth diapers, I will try the experience!
Frankly, the hammock are beautiful, fun, easy to use, highly absorbent, it’s a nice behind the baby …
But there, living in an apartment without opening (I reassure you, it has windows, we do not live in a bunker!), it’s not possible for me too.

Click here for more information and reviews on diapers: http://babyinform.com/cloth-diaper-reviews.

The “more”:

– The possibility of alternating washable and disposable insert
– Absorbing quite impressive!
– The choice of colors
– The little scratch that folds on itself to avoid damage and damage other clothes
– simplicity
– the fact that it is not huge, suits the baby very well
– the drying rate, allowing only need 3 or 4 layers to turn!
– The layer can be used as a “swimsuit”.

I tested, I approved! Baby fashion pistachio!

The “less”:

– The different sizes. We must rebuild the stock as the child grows …
-. The price, given the previous paragraph
after a quick calculation, Hammock layer is made profitable after at least 18 months of use, compared to Pampers diapers for example.
But for me, the choice of cloth diapers is not an economical choice (as can be the washable wipes, for example!) but really ecological and for the “health” of the baby, refusing sticks chemicals…

I find this extra layer Even if it does not convince me to pass washable in the current state of things.

If you are confident in using washable inserts, you can find this layer in BamBinou, of course, and among other retailers hammock.

And you are tempted by washable? You tried already?


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