How to choose the right lawnmower?

No need to say anything, I understand perfectly. Having a fresh garden but not easy to care for him to enjoy it all year. Buy garden tools and have knowledge of plants, flowers and fruits are essential, but it is also critical to know what to buy a mower

Once we made the decision to buy a lawnmower, many doubts about what the right mower for us and our garden we come; we wonder what will be better if a second-hand mower or a new mower? 

Buying a lawnmower probably represents the most significant expense is the care of the lawn refers, therefore, worth having all the information to get the right machine.

Using electric lawn mowers or gas mower?

I’ll help answer that question brings both heads, and the first thing is to keep an eye on our analysis of best lawnmowers.

Then we share with you all types of mowers that exist with their respective advantages to make them much easier the right choice:

The manual mower

The manual mowers are a traditional gardening. They are the first type of mower that existed and is still the favorite of many people. It is a tool driven by the pushing force of individuals. The push we give you, the mower moves and rotates the inner rail that has multiple blades with helical shape shifting the lawn-1 fixed blade. The cutting system is very similar to scissors.

It is a very straightforward and easy to use, ideal for small gardens without unevenness machine. The hand mower is ideal for users who prefer the simplicity of things device.

Electric mower

Electric mowers are quiet, environmentally friendly and easy to turn the touch of a button. Except for replacing or sharpening the blade are virtually zero maintenance.

Electric lawnmowers must remain plugged in while being used. This proves to be inconvenient when you want to cut large lawns or when you have many obstacles such as trees, shrubs, etc.

Usually, they are recommended for lawns up to 500 m2, although there are models for larger extensions can be difficult to work with so many meters of cable. It may be worthwhile to buy an electric generator to have a power source that can move around the mower.

Battery lawnmower

The cordless mowers have the same advantages that electric mowers with the difference that does not need to be plugged in to work. By contrast, they have a limited operating time, usually 60 to 90 minutes depending on the model, which can be solved by having an extra battery to replace as needed in case of cutting the large lawn. The battery-powered mower count as less power than an electric model, so you may get stuck if the grass is very high.

Gasoline lawn mowers

Are mowing machines par excellence, they have the greater power and autonomy; They are recommended for areas up to 2,000 m2. They have no problems with terrain variations and thanks to its high power can cut grass of any height if any problems.

Usually have more options than other mowers, depending on the model, can regulate the cutting height, also allow collecting the grass in a bag or shredded and expelled by the side as fertilizer. Drive models are included, so it is necessary to push them.

Tractor Mower

Mower tractors have all the advantages of the mower gasoline but also allow us to work with maximum comfort to be able to sit and have maximum autonomy, can cut up to 6,000 m2 of lawn. They are recommended to work primarily on flat terrain. They are very versatile machines, depending on the model, include lights that allow us to work a few hours of light; also they can be adapted accessories to perform other functions such as snowplows, aeration, hauling, etc.

Finally, a significant advantage is the high speed with which they can cut, cut allowing vast areas in a short time. Regardless of size, frequency of mowing or type of machine you want to buy, it is important that you buy lawnmowers that will ensure that you can sell parts of their parts, and they will be able to deliver within a reasonable time (maximum 15 days). Import mowers often bought and then you have no possibility to repair or send you the parts at three months when high mowing season is over for you.

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