Soundproofing for ceilings, floors and walls

You are very interested in DJing and one day, you decide to invest a new pair of headphones from, heard they recommend the best studio headphones for mixing here. While you are enjoying your whole new cool gadget, suddenly, the kids of the floor above start to play soccer and make a lot of noise. Then, even worse, your neighbors are having a fight outside, right in front of your doors. Your mixing session, also you work are frequently cut off in the moment. You want to earn for a living, but the environment is not qualified enough for you to do your best (well, you have asked your neighbors to keep quiet, to stop playing but it does not work out, unfortunately). So, you decide to soundproof your walls, your floors and even your ceilings to maximize your job. Where to start, hmm? FOR CEILINGS

1. Look up about soundproofing basics

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Application Of Walkie-Talkie In Jobsite Work

  1. Why should we equip walkie-talkie for your jobsite work?

First of all, let have an overview about what walkie-talkie is? Walkie-talkie is the system that allow you to continuously communicate in small distance area with your teammates. Or in another word, walkie-talkie is one of the most popular means of verbal communication through an equipment somehow like mobile phone.

However, you should differentiate between walkie-talkie and mobile phone to deeply understand the functions and application of walkie-talkie in your work. Mobile phone is communicative equipment that work standalone regardless of where you are, since its work mechanism is that, every signal come to recorder part of mobile phone will go to a switching center, and then encrypted before being transmitted to other sides. You can communicate with mobile phone regardless of where you are, big or small distance, but need time to make or receive a call. Walkie-talkie is the point to point communicative device, operate on the basis of 2-way radio frequency. So the voice coming in the walkie-talkie through the converter part, which will encrypt the signal into voice and transmit to other walkie-talkie device. So that this two-side-way communicating device can allow you to talk and hear the others. You just press the button to talk and release the button to hear the voice of users from other devices in the same channel.

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