Application Of Walkie-Talkie In Jobsite Work

  1. Why should we equip walkie-talkie for your jobsite work?

First of all, let have an overview about what walkie-talkie is? Walkie-talkie is the system that allow you to continuously communicate in small distance area with your teammates. Or in another word, walkie-talkie is one of the most popular means of verbal communication through an equipment somehow like mobile phone.

However, you should differentiate between walkie-talkie and mobile phone to deeply understand the functions and application of walkie-talkie in your work. Mobile phone is communicative equipment that work standalone regardless of where you are, since its work mechanism is that, every signal come to recorder part of mobile phone will go to a switching center, and then encrypted before being transmitted to other sides. You can communicate with mobile phone regardless of where you are, big or small distance, but need time to make or receive a call. Walkie-talkie is the point to point communicative device, operate on the basis of 2-way radio frequency. So the voice coming in the walkie-talkie through the converter part, which will encrypt the signal into voice and transmit to other walkie-talkie device. So that this two-side-way communicating device can allow you to talk and hear the others. You just press the button to talk and release the button to hear the voice of users from other devices in the same channel.

After you have an overview understanding about walkie-talkie, you can find it help in constructions site or teamwork because those job really need to keep tight connection among others, so walkie-talkie become more necessary than ever.

Today article will show you how a walkie-talkie system can make your working process more professional and more smoothly operating when solving unexpected arising problems, monitoring, exchanging among staff or teammates…. Let move to next part for further understanding.

  1. How does walkie-talkie work in jobsite environment?

Before you decide to buy walkie-talkie, you should know exactly the benefit that you will bring to you. However, to deeply understand that, especially you are just a beginners, you should study about its functions and application in your field.

  • How can walkie-talkie can make positive effects to your work performance?

If you are a construction site manager, you have a lot of work to do one day with your construction engineers. Since there is only one manager, it is you, so you can not divide your body in to small parts to allocate to all areas to supervise your staff. These day with the development of technology, you should take the best advantages of it to improve the work performance. If you are still confused, keep reading.

Now, every construction site is equipped with CCTV monitoring room. The surveillance camera will be install in every place need supervise. So, all happening will be captured, recorded and display into a display screen. So that, our job is quite easy, just to sit and see your staff working.

However, when you decide to apply this device for your working system, you should learn to find the best walkie talkie that best fit your purpose since in the market now, there is a wide range of options for you to choose. If you are not carefully choose, probably you will find the unexpected device that not match your purpose.

  • Moving on next point: how walkie-talkie make sense?

By dint of remote monitoring, you can see all working process of your staff. And whenever you see the unexpected situation or the wrong doing of your staff, you can immediately control and tell your staff to do better, or ask the support from other team through walkie-talkie. You just press and talk, and other devices used by your staff will receive your voice.

In particular case, when there is an area that have fire alarming, first of all, you will have a look through camera display screen for alarming zone. After receiving the information, then it is the process of solving this situation. In this case, you should immediately inform to team leader of each team to use firefighting tool to fight with fire in this case, and other staff will go out to avoid the damages.

Just an example, but it show that if it had for the help of walkie-talkie, there were not close and in-time response and actions to solve the problem which would a lot of damages in term of economy.

  • What is the best walkie-talkie to match your purpose?

As last mentioned, there are many type of walkie-talkie sold in the market. Depending on your purpose, you can find the best for you.

In the environment of outside construction, you had better to find the water-proof walkie-talkie in case there is rain, you equipment will not be ruined. Second thing is about the price of the device. If your budget is low, you should consider to choose with low end one, as long as it meet your biggest demand is to communicate point to point instantly.

In addition, you should refer some famous brand name producing walkie-talkie to decide which one you will choose. In the market now, the most famous brand name is Motorola. This brand appeared the earliest since World War II period. So, with its development experience, Motorola is gaining a leading reputation in terms of manufacturing walkie-talkie.

When it comes to long life of products, you can not skip Uniden, a famous brand name coming from Japan. Japan is a country that is famous for its strict standard of quality and durable products. So, when you choose Japanese brand name, you will never be worry about that walkie-talkie will have troubles and you will have to repair it.

The last thing we want to recommend is that you should consider about the origin of your products. With Chinese brand name, you had better carefully double think since Chinese brand name is famous for poor-quality products and sometime products will be hacked and your secrete information will be leaked.


Hello everyone, my name is Casey and I am a sales engineers now. Every, my job is to provide to our customers the solutions for electrical system. Walkie-talkie is one of my most favorite items. It is also the reason why I give this pieces of writing today. Hope it will be meaning with you.

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